Interactive displays designed and installed to help churches and other non-profits honor generosity in a timely and public manner, promote awareness of how contributions are utilized, and better steward many forms of giving

Welcome to Enduring Gifts

The goal of Enduring Gifts is to provide a meaningful way for churches and non-profits to create an interactive space to recognize giving. Our team of designers, fundraisers, and developers will guide you through the process, paying close attention to the unique details and needs of each custom project. From initial consultation through each design and install phase, including ongoing support, our team has you covered in every aspect of your project.

What We Offer

We know that the needs of every church and non-profit are different. We offer a unique approach and unique solutions. Our team can offer a variety of services and support for the entire process, or just in the specific area in which you need us.


Our team can help facilitate each step of the entire process, from securing display vendors, managing timelines, and ensuring the project is completed on budget.


Following a step-by-step proven model can lead to successful implementation of a new procedure that will help you define your current reality, determine what you would like to accomplish, and assist you in reaching those goals.


Cohesive brand elements, display design, print design, and user interface design are created to connect each individual piece of your project to the overall message.


If an online website isn’t the best option to fully accomodate your needs, developing a custom app may be your best solution.


Touch screens offer a unique and tactile way for users to interact with information. These displays allow for easy, timely additions or changes.


Through the creation of mobile friendly websites we offer your organization an easy way to honor donors and share information. Our process is scalable. From simple websites to custom databases, we tailor each project to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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